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We doing inspection work in MNC companies


We doing inspection work in MNC companies


We doing inspection work in MNC companies


NTS is best training centre for tky joints course in chennai, tamilnadu, india. ndt courses in chennai, ndt courses in tamilnadu.

We NTS training centre for tky joints giving a best training for tky joints course in chennai, tamilnadu, india. ndt courses in chennai, ndt courses in tamilnadu. It is difficult to be extremely precise when measuring and marking tubular TYKs because the work piece is composed of two elliptically curved surfaces while the tools that are used are straight and do not match the curvature in all cases. This should not be of great concern because the Table 3.6 minimum throat requirements ensure a smooth transition between the Details and in practice there is a tendency to slightly over weld. When all of the reference point marking and recording of data on the work piece are complete, one last look should be given to ensure that sufficient reference marks and data are indeed present so as to allow the welder, the inspector, and the UT technician to properly perform their tasks.

This is also an excellent time, if possible, to have all of the personnel who will be involved in the TYK fabrication take a look at an as fit, as-marked joint, unless this has already been done with a mockup built for training purposes.

Some training should be conducted, as necessary, so that all understand the required joint geometry and how it must be fit up, welded, inspected, and examined. It is actually a code requirement (paragraph 6.15.4) to furnish this type of information (joint configuration, etc.) to NDE personnel, and for TYKs one of the best ways is to have them look at an as-fit, as-marked joint. It should be clear by now that tubular TYKs just cannot be tacked together and welded.

There is just no way to verify that the required joint dimensions have been achieved if the fitup has not been inspected and reference marks provided. The most critical part of tubular TYK welding and inspection is the fit up. Plan ahead to avoid problems. To get the knowledge about this you can reach us NTS, one of the best TKY joints training centre in Chennai.

The tubular TYK construction commonly found in many offshore structures presents some of the most difficult welding and inspection issues to be found in structural steel fabrication. This article has highlighted fit up inspection as a way of demonstrating that there are many specific items that should be taken into consideration when planning for structural tubular fabrication.

Even more so than for other types of structural fabrication, it is useful to look at all phases (WPS qualification, dimensional control, NDE, etc.) as interrelated steps of one single process rather than as distinctly separate activities. They should all be evaluated during project planning to help in avoiding fabrication problems and to ensure project success.

It is recommended that prior to the start of fabrication, a thorough review of all contract documents and code requirements be performed, a detailed written procedure describing the fit up and inspection requirements be prepared, and a training mockup be constructed and used.