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ndt training institute in chennai
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ndt course in tamilnadu


We doing inspection work in MNC companies


We doing inspection work in MNC companies


We doing inspection work in MNC companies


NTS is best training centre for ndt course in chennai, tamilnadu, india. ndt courses in chennai, ndt courses in tamilnadu.

What is NDT?

ndt course in chennai tamilnaduWe NTS training centre for ndt giving a best training for ndt course in chennai, tamilnadu, india. ndt course in chennai, ndt course in tamilnadu. The field of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a very broad, interdisciplinary field that plays a critical role in assuring that structural components and systems perform their function in a reliable and cost effective fashion. NDT technicians and engineers define and implement tests that locate and characterize material conditions and flaws that might otherwise cause planes to crash, reactors to fail, trains to derail, pipelines to burst, and a variety of less visible, but equally troubling events. These tests are performed in a manner that does not affect the future usefulness of the object or material. In other words, NDT allows parts and material to be inspected and measured without damaging them. This is conducted by lot of NDT Training institute in Chennai too.

best ndt courses in chennai, tamilnadu, india

About the American Society for Nondestructive Testing

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. (ASNT) is the world's largest technical society for nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals. Through our organization and membership, we provide a forum for exchange of NDT technical information; NDT educational materials and programs; and standards and services for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel. ASNT promotes the discipline of NDT as a profession and facilitates NDT research and technology applications.

ASNT offers invaluable resources for scientific, engineering and technical knowledge to keep you up to date with the latest developments and trends in the field. ASNT’s guides, papers and handbooks are respected throughout the industry. Take advantage of ASNT’s resources to stay informed and enhance your career. ndt courses in chennai, tamilnadu, india

ASNT, from top management downward, commits itself to impartiality in its certification activities. ASNT understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, manages conflict of interest and ensures the objectivity of its certification activities.

Typical modules include
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Radiographic Film Interpretation
  • Visual Testing
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
  • UT of TKY Joints
  • Eddy Current Testing