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We doing inspection work in MNC companies


We doing inspection work in MNC companies


We doing inspection work in MNC companies


NTS is best training centre for cswip welding inspector course in chennai, tamilnadu, india. ndt courses in chennai, ndt courses in tamilnadu.

cswip course in chennaiWe NTS training centre for cswip welding inspector giving a best training for cswip welding inspector course in chennai, tamilnadu, india. ndt courses in chennai, ndt courses in tamilnadu.

Visual Welding Inspectors
  • Post weld visual inspection Visual inspection and dimensional check of completed weldment against specification requirements and drawings.
  • Establish the most suitable welding processes
  • Codes and standards Application of the requirements of codes and standards.
  • Parent material identity Verification against documentation and markings of correctness of parent material.
  • Welding consumables identity Verification of correctness of welding consumables (electrodes, filler wires, consumable inserts, gases, fluxes etc).
  • Pre-weld inspection Verification that dimensions, fit up and weld preparations are in accordance with the engineering drawings.
  • Preheating Verification that preheat (where required) is in accordance with specified procedures.
  • In-process welding surveillance Surveillance during welding to verify compliance with specified procedure including any preheat, interpass temperature control and post heat requirements.

  • Requirements prior to taking a certification test:
  • Job responsibilities and experience criteria for examination eligibility as given below are strictly adhered to and enforced.
  • Although there is no specific experience requirement it is recommended that candidates possess a minimum of six months’ welding related engineering experience and two years industrial experience.

  • Training:

    All candidates (with the exception of ‘mature candidates,’ see section 1.4) must attend a CSWIP approved course of training at the appropriate level prior to examination. Details of such courses are available on request.


    Candidates need to be in satisfactory physical condition and the person completing the application form will be required to signify that the candidate's health and eyesight are adequate to enable him/her to carry out his/her duties. An eyesight test certificate must be submitted with the application form issued by a medically recognised person, to provide proof of near visual acuity unaided, uncorrected or corrected in at least one eye, such that the candidate is capable of reading Times Roman N 4.5 fonts or Jaeger Number 1 fonts or equivalent sized letters. These letters shall have a height of 1.6 mm at a distance of not less than 30 cm with one or both eyes on a standard reading test chart.

    Mature Candidate Route

    Candidates who are able to demonstrate at least ten years’ recent continuous experience in visual welding inspection duties, as indicated in Clause 1.2.1 under qualified supervision, independently verified.


    The examination procedure for the Visual Welding Inspector consists of a practical examination only and candidates must satisfy the examiner in all parts Details of the examination format and syllabus are given.

    Application for Examination and Fees Candidates

    Will be required to submit an application form. All the information requested must be on these forms. No applications can be considered confirmed until receipt of correctly completed documents. Application forms ask for specific details of experience and training and must be signed to the effect that these details are correct. In the event of a false statement being discovered on forms any examination undertaken will be declared null and void. A certificate is automatically invalidated if there are any outstanding examination fees in respect of that certificate. Candidates proved to have cheated, or found to have attempted to remove or found to have removed examination material in a CSWIP examination will not be accepted as a candidate for any CSWIP examination for a minimum period of five years from the date of the examination where cheating, attempt to remove or removal of examination material, was established to have taken place. Examinations may be taken at any one of a number of Test Centres in the UK and overseas. Lists are available on request.


    Results notices All candidates will be sent a results notice. This notice will also be sent to the organisation paying the examination fee, if not paid by the candidate.

    Successful Candidates

    Two copies of a certificate of proficiency will be issued to the organisation or person that pays the examination fees. Duplicate certificates to replace those lost or destroyed will be issued only after extensive enquiries.

    Unsuccessful Candidates

    Candidates who fail to obtain a certificate may attempt one retest on those parts of the examination in which success was not achieved. The retest must be completed within one year of the initial examination, otherwise candidates will have to repeat the complete examination. The retest (or complete re-examination) may not be taken within 30 days of the previous examination, unless additional approved training is undertaken before taking the retest. Candidates who are unsuccessful in the retest will be required to re-take the full approved course followed by the full examination. If a candidate fails a practical part of the Welding Inspector examination they are allowed a second retest on that part, if they have one day’s approved training before taking the second retest, this option only applies to candidates who have taken the full CSWIP approved course of training in accordance with section.


    Five year renewal

    In order for the certificate to be renewed after five years, the holder has to demonstrate that he/she has maintained his/her competence by:

  • providing evidence of continuous work activity in welding inspection
  • providing evidence that the holder has kept up to date in welding technology
  • One way of satisfying Part (ii) is by Registration (see document CSWIP-WI-1-91). Part (i) can be satisfied by submitting a log sheet of relevant work activity covering the period of validity of the certificate. Requests for the appropriate documentation should be sent to TWI Certification Contact details are provided at the end of this document. The certificate will not be renewed without further test if a substantiated complaint is notified by the Governing Board during the period of its validity. Further instruction and retest may then be required. Renewal must take place not later than 21 days after the date of expiry. It is the certificate holder's responsibility to ensure that renewal takes place at the appropriate time. Only under extreme circumstances will certificates be renewed up to a maximum of six calendar months from the date of expiry shown on the certificate and late renewal will be subject to a special fee.

    Ten year recertification

    Certificates are renewed beyond ten years from the initial examination (or from a previous ten year recertification) by the holder successfully completing a recertification examination prior to the expiry of the certificate in addition to the renewal procedure given in Clause 4.5.1. Requests for the appropriate documentation should be sent to TWI Certification Ltd.

  • The 10 year examination for Visual Welding Inspector will consist of a practical visual inspection of a plate butt weld.
  • The 10 year examination for Welding Inspector (and Senior Welding Inspector 3.2.1 will consist of the following:
  • Multi choice paper
  • Practical visual inspection of a plate or pipe butt weld.

  • Note: To renew a 3.2.2 Senior Welding Inspector certificates, holders will in addition be required to take the standard radiographic interpreter practical endorsement.