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cswip training institute in chennai
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cswip course in tamilnadu


We doing inspection work in MNC companies


We doing inspection work in MNC companies


We doing inspection work in MNC companies


NTS is best training centre for cswip welding inspector course in chennai, tamilnadu, india. ndt courses in chennai, ndt courses in tamilnadu.

cswip course in chennaiWe NTS training centre for cswip welding inspector giving a best training for cswip welding inspector course in chennai, tamilnadu, india. ndt courses in chennai, ndt courses in tamilnadu. The Certification Scheme for Personnel (CSWIP) is a comprehensive scheme which provides for the examination and certification of individuals seeking to demonstrate their knowledge and/or competence in their field of operation. The scope of CSWIP includes among others, Welding Inspectors, Welding Supervisors, Welding Instructors, Welding Examiners, Welding Quality Control Co-ordinators, Heat Treatment Operatives, Cathodic Inspection personnel, Plant Inspectors, Underwater Inspectors, Plastics Welders and NDT personnel.

CSWIP is managed by the Certification Management Board, which acts as the Governing Board for Certification, in keeping with the requirements of the industries served by the scheme. The Certification Management Board, in turn, appoints specialist Management Committees to oversee specific parts of the scheme. All CSWIP Boards and Committees comprise member representatives of relevant industrial and other interests. TWI Certification Ltd is accredited by UKAS to BS EN ISO/IEC 17024 for certification of personnel.

TWI Certification Ltd understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, managing conflict of interest and ensuring the objectivity of all its certification activities, in accordance with BS EN ISO/IEC 17024.

The current document covers the Certification of Visual Welding Inspectors, Welding Inspectors and Senior Welding Inspectors. There are two categories of Senior Welding Inspector: one with Radiographic Interpretation and one without.

The requirements governing Registration of Visual Welding Inspectors, Welding Inspectors and Senior Welding Inspectors are detailed in separate documents: CSWIP-WI-1-91 Part 1 and Part 2. Success in the appropriate CSWIP Certification examination is one of the prerequisites of Registration. Registration is strongly recommended as it helps to satisfy the CSWIP certificate renewal requirements, see Clause 4.5.1 ACCESS TO CERTIFICATION Access to certification schemes is not improperly restricted.

The sole criteria for certification are given in the document (and any subsequent amendments) and no other criteria will be applied. Certification is not conditional on the candidate applying for other services or membership from TWI Certification Ltd, its parent, or any other groups or associations.

1.General 1.1 Scope This document prescribes procedures by which personnel may be examined, and, if successful, certificated for the duties of Visual Welding Inspector, Welding Inspector or Senior Welding Inspector, as defined in Clause 1.2. This document does not purport to cover personnel who do not have the responsibilities defined in Clause 1.2. The examinations are primarily intended for fusion welded steel construction, but endorsements are available for other material groups.

  1. Post weld visual inspection Visual inspection and dimensional check of completed weldment against specification requirements and drawings. and under the supervision of a Welding Inspector or Senior Welding Inspector:
  2. Establish the most suitable welding processes
  3. Codes and standards Application of the requirements of codes and standards.
  4. Parent material identity Verification against documentation and markings of correctness of parent material.
  5. Welding consumables identity Verification of correctness of welding consumables (electrodes, filler wires, consumable inserts, gases, fluxes etc).
  6. Pre-weld inspection Verification that dimensions, fit up and weld preparations are in accordance with the engineering drawings.
  7. Preheating Verification that preheat (where required) is in accordance with specified procedures. To get the knowledge about this you can reach us NTS, one of the best CSWIP training centre in Chennai.
  8. In-process welding surveillance Surveillance during welding to verify compliance with specified procedure including any preheat, interpass temperature control and post heat requirements. 1.2.2 Welding Inspectors Those given above plus:
  9. Supervision of Visual Welding Inspectors in the conduct of activities (b) to (h) above.
  10. Welding procedures Establishing that a procedure is available, has been approved as required by the appropriate authority and is being employed in production.
  11. Witnessing of welder and procedure approval tests Witnessing the preparation of test pieces and destructive tests, and verifying compliance with appropriate standards and specifications.
  12. Welder approvals Verification that adequate and valid welder approvals are available, and that only approved welders as required are used in production.
  13. Post weld heat treatment Verification that post weld heat treatment has been conducted in accordance with specification requirements.
  14. Reports Preparation of inspection reports. Copyright © 2015, TWI Certification Ltd 3 1.2.3 Senior Welding Inspectors Those given above plus:
  15. Supervision of Welding Inspectors and Visual Welding Inspectors in the conduct of activities (b) to (n) above as appropriate.
  16. Certification of compliance Final acceptance and certification that the requirements of the specification have been met.
  17. Weld drawings Interpretation of weld drawings and weld symbols.
  18. Records Maintenance of comprehensive inspection records.
  19. Weld defects Appreciation of the factors influencing the formation of weld defects and their acceptability in relation to the written specification.
  20. NDT results Verification of NDT reports on welding work for which the Senior Welding Inspector is responsible. This may include radiographic interpretation.
  21. Quality assurance Ensuring that quality assurance standards and procedures are maintained.